1. Get Jenkins Build Tool Server Details


In this tutorial we are configuring Jenkins with Hygieia Dashboard. To configure Jenkins we must the details like Jenkins server URL, username, API Token etc.


Here I configured Jenkins server in my local machine, its URL is http://localhost:9051/.


For API Token, Go to Jenkins Home → Right Top Click on Username →Configure →Show API Token


So, my Jenkins server details are like,

  • Server URL: http://localhost:9051
  • Username: root
  • API Token : 07ef71a4e84fa29e28e2812f8f5b2582

Make sure Jenkins server is running before we configure with Hygieia.

To configure Jenkins, Please follow this Tutorial for more details.




2. Start API

  • Run Hygieia Dashboard API & Make Sure it is running.


  • To Run API from Eclipse, API Right Click →Run as →Java Application →Choose main class : com.capitalone.dashboard.Application

To configure API, Please follow this Tutorial & Go to API Section.



3. Start UI

For Starting UI, Open nodejs command prompt, navigate to UI folder location & run gulp serve command


Make Sure API is connected with UI. On Successful Connection UI shows Green Arrow


To configure UI, Please follow this Tutorial & Go to UI Section.




4. Configure Jenkins Build Collector

Go to Jenkins-Build-Collector root folder, create application.properties file if not exist and provide your MongoDB Connection details & Jenkins server details as below


Also you can find the sample application.properties file from https://github.com/capitalone/Hygieia/tree/master/collectors/build/jenkins


Run Jenkins Build Collector by Right-click on Project →Run as →Java Application →Choose main class : com.capitalone.dashboard.Application

On Successful running it will show the above Output on the console


We can do authentication any of these to methods



5. Configure Build Widget

Open UI, create a sample Dashboard. To configure Dashboard, Please follow this Tutorial & Go to UI Section.

  • Click on Configure Build Widget
  • Choose the Build Job from the List
  • Save the Widget


After some time it will show the results on the Dashboard as below


Errors & Solutions

If got above error, make sure your Jenkins username/password or credentials are correct or not.