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How to change Spring Boot Banner Text?


The banner that is printed on startup can be changed by adding a banner.txt file to src\main\resources folder or your classpath, or by setting banner.location to the location of such a file.


You can also add a banner.gif, banner.jpg or banner.png image file to your classpath, or set a banner.image.location property. Images will be converted into an ASCII art representation and printed above any text banner.



1.Go to any ANCII Text generator website & generate your logo. for ex:


2.Create banner.txt under Proj_Home\src\main\resources, paste the logo text


3.Refresh the project & run Spring Boot Application.the banner will change as below

Spring Boot provides a very neat way to load properties for an application. we can define properties in (PROJ_HOME\src\main\resources\ file the following way



In traditional Spring application would have loaded up the properties in the following way



In Spring boot it takes file to define a bean that can hold all the related properties in following way



@ConfigurationProperties is used to bind and validate some external Properties. If we want to validate before going to use, we have to place @Validated & place type of validation on the filed