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JAX-RS @Context Example


JAX-RS provides the @Context annotation to inject a variety of resources in your RESTful services. Some of the most commonly injected components are HTTP headers, HTTP URI related information

  • HTTP headers
  • HTTP URI details
  • Security Context
  • Resource Context
  • Request
  • Configuration
  • Application
  • Providers


1.Create Dynamic web project in eclipse, convert that into Maven Project


2.Add Jersey jar files manually / through Maven by writing repo details in pom.xml


3.Create RESTFul webservice



4.Configure web.xml


5.Test Webservice directly by using URL / writing webservice client

  1. http://localhost:8080/JAXRS-Context-Example/rst/httpheaders
  2. http://localhost:8080/JAXRS-Context-Example/rst/uriinfo
  3. http://localhost:8080/JAXRS-Context-Example/rst/securitycontext


Download Example Code